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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[01.08.23-INOUYE continues to confront DEAN with the WHITE HOUSE MEMO accusing DEAN of masterminding the coverup] Senator INOUYE. [QUOTING W.H. MEMO ATTACKING DEAN'S TESTIMONY] "On March 30, the President relieved Dean of any further responsibility for the Watergate investigation. He called Ehrlichman in, told him that it was evident to the President that 'Dean was in the thing up to his eyebrows and assigned Ehrlichman to look into Watergate." This is from Mr. Ehrlichman. "The President indicated to Ehrlichman that, his conversations with Dean throughout the, preceding month had given him an awareness of Dean's personal involvement in this.' Relieved of his Watergate duties by the President and aware, that"--- [01.09.07] Mr. DEAN. Senator, I might just note at this point and call it to the attention of the record, that Mr. Ehrlichman also resigned from the White House on the, same day that my resignation was requested, and Mr. Haldeman as well. Senator INOUYE. [QUOTING FROM W.H. MEMO ATTACKING DEAN'S TESTIMONY] "Relieved of his Watergate duties by the President and aware that his own complicity had become obvious', Dean decided to strike out on his won to hunt for immunity for the long list of wrongs he had committed. According to the President, it was, April 2 when he first established contact with the prosecutors and attempted to bargain for immunity. While he carried on these negotiations, Ehrlichman completed his report and advised the President on April 14 that Mitchell, Magruder, and Dean were, all involved." [01.10.01] Mr. DEAN. I would like to comment on that. As I have testified, Mr. Ehrlichman told me after he had returned from San Clemente back to Washington, I met with him on the afternoon, late, afternoon of the 8th and had periodic meetings with him during the week of the 8th to the 14th. It was on the 14th that he told me that, he had talked with Kleindienst and that the grand jury was doing nothing. He was particularly asking me when I was likely to appear before the grand jury. I was already, per the instructions of my own counsel, limiting conversations with Mr. Haldeman and Mr. Ehrlichman about testimonial areas. But it was that day that I drew up the list which I wanted to get the message very clear to Mr. Haldeman and Mr. Ehrlichman that they had very serious problems. It was on the, as a result of that, list that the Attorney General suddenly received a call, because I informed him that my counsel had been in direct communication with the prosecutors and the prosecutors had indicated that indeed, Mr. Haldeman and Mr. Ehrlichman were potential targets of the grand jury. At 1 o'clock that night, I realized that they had gotten the Attorney General late at night to get a briefing from the prosecutors and that is when things really started moving. That is when the activities began to occur. [01.11.41] Senator INOUYE. "On the 16th, Dean was asked by the President, to resign, but refused to do so. On the 30th, he was dismissed. His increasingly shrill efforts since, that date to, save himself by striking out recklessly at others are, too familiar and too painful to require Mention." This ends the memorandum. [01.12.06] Mr. DEAN. I would only add to that, Senator, that I think that if anyone has been on the receiving end of adverse publicity. it has been this witness; and not any of the other witnesses and I have not dealt in personalities, nor will I deal in personalities at any time during these hearings. Senator INOUYE. Mr. Chairman, that ends the memorandum. I have several questions were submitted by the office Of the counsel for the, President, with a closing statement. Knowing the lateness of the time, May I request that, I be Permitted to continue the interrogation tomorrow, sir? Senator ERVIN. Yes, think the Chair should state, however, for the information of all Concerned, that that the article which you have been reading to the witness and the witness has been testifying about is an article which the committee has received from Mr. Fred Buzhardt, counsel to the President. Mr. DEAN-. I understand. Senator ERVIN. And not the testimony of a witness. Senator MONTOYA. Mr. Chairman, I would like to ask--- [01.13.17] d