Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activiti...

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Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[01.28.15-DEAN responding to the statement by the WHITE HOUSE, read by Sen. INOUYE. The statement charged DEAN with running the coverup and making accusations against others to protect himself from prosecution-DEAN'S response is calm and thorough] The 23d letter of Mr. McCord. I was asked by Mr. Ehrlichman what my assessment of it -was based on the, earlier conversation I had With Mr. O'Brien, at best it was hearsay that he had if any wanted to perpetuate the coverup at, that, point through further perjury, I am sure they could have, because he had no hard evidence. This was revealed in a conversation which I have submitted to the committee and a conversation I had with Mr. Magruder who was not concerned about this, that the fact that McCord could prove nothing, he could say a lot but he could prove nothing. Let me see here. I will recall the reason again that I was seeking to get the comment from Mr. Liddy was in a sense twofold. First of all, the President had done -a tremendous embrace of me that next morning when the story was printed. He had said that based on conversations -he had had with me, which in fact he had not had, but rather I had had conversations with Mr. Haldeman and Mr. Ziegler, both, and informed them I was prepared to file a libel suit, and I believe the White House has also admitted the fact that that phone, call never took place between the President and myself on that day. But in an effort to develop what would be necessary for a libel suit, not that I was planning to file one at that point, but just in preparing for it I thought the strongest statement I could have would be it statement from Mr. Liddy and that was the reason I approached Mr. Maroulis to see if he could do it. The reason that at Mr. Maroulis could not get the statement was because he was concerned about his client's fifth amendment rights. So those are the only points I would make on that closing statement that was offered by the White House. Senator ERVIN. I want to thank Senator Inouye for putting these questions at the request of the White House counsel, and also for calling the -attention of the witness to the contentions of the White House counsel. Mr. Dean, you have been testifying -for about an hour and a half and I imagine you would not be very adverse to having a very brief recess at this time. Mr. DEAN. I -would appreciate that, Mr. Chairman. I thank you for your thoughtfulness. [01.30.57-MacNEILL v.o. states that the break is to give DEAN a rest, but also allows Sen. ERVIN to prepare his questions]