Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, June 28, 1973 (1/2)

Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.18.28-MacNEILL in studio] MacNEILL states that BAKER is asking about DEAN'S meetings with NIXON after the break-in [PBS network ID-title screen "SENATE HEARINGS ON CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES"] [00.22.00-MacNEILL] MacNEILL states BAKER will continue to ask about the September 15, 1972 Oval Office meeting [00.22.12-BAKER gavels meeting open] Senator BAKER. The committee will come, to order. The chairman was necessarily called away for the rest of the afternoon. For the information of the committee, I might indicate that he requested that we run as long as practical, and that we continue, with present, rotation arrangements, so as soon as I can conclude my queries I will yield then to Senator Montoya and after that to Senator Weicker. Mr. Dean, do you have, any objection if we try to go, say, until a few minutes before 6 tonight? Mr. DEAN. I will hold up as long as I can, Senator Senator BAKER. If you need a -break or would like to break in the course of things, if you would let me know I would be happy to do that. Senator BAKER. Mr. Dean, have we finished with the delineation of the September 15 meeting? [00.23.17] Mr. DEAN. -No. I do not believe we have. We were discussing the fact that we were talking about how to deal with the Patman committee because this was another threat, a dual threat, I might add, First was the fact that, it would mean adverse publicity as a result of the hearings and Second, there was always the potential they might stumble onto something there. Senator BAKER. Were those words used? Mr. DEAN. I believe, when we talked about, adverse Publicity and there is no telling where this thing may go. Senator BAKER. Do you remember who said that ? Mr. DEAN. I said that. Senator BAKER. Do you remember what the President's reaction was? Mr. DEAN-. Well. he asked me, who was covering the hearings and I told him that Dick- Cook was covering the hearings. Senator BAKER. Covering meaning what person on the White House staff had responsibility for that? Mr. DEAN. Yes, that is correct. Because I explained to him that Mr. Cook had formerly worked for the House Banking and Currency Committee, and at that point he said that Mr. Timmons should get on top of those hearings. [00.24.30-related to ENEMIES LIST activities] We then, the conversation turned to the press coverage that had been following the Watergate incident, and during this discussion he told me that I should keep a good list of people who were giving us trouble in the press because we would give them trouble after the election. Senator BAKER. This was stated by the President? Mr. DEAN. That is correct. [00.25.00]