Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activiti...

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Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[01.04.13-Sen. GURNEY wants to pin DEAN down to state that he can't prove NIXON knew of any CRIMES prior to March 1973. DEAN'S definition of the coverup is broader than GURNEY'S strictly criminal definition] Senator GURNEY.----direct knowledge, direct conversations -with the President on the criminal activity? Mr. DEAN. On the March 13 meeting. Senator GURNEY. Well, I also said the March 21. Mr. DEAN. THAT is correct. We have gone over the March 21 meeting. Senator GURNEY. Yes; we don't need to go over it again. I am just pinpointing that time and that date. Mr. DEAN. Then we jumped where the next in a series of meetings was in the April 15 period, Senator GURNEY. Well, I realize, that, but I am really not interested in that. I am not, trying to cut, you off here, but of course, the President himself later said "that March 21 was the time when he, first really realized the full implications. So I was just, bringing us down to that date. [01.04.52] Mr. DEAN. I would recall how, that came up, that the President selected that date, was as the, result of a discussion that had occurred on March 15--April 15, when he was searching his mind, I was being lead through a series of rather leading questions by the President and at one point in the conversation, he said to me, do you recall what day it was that you gave me. the report on some of the implications of the day the Watergate case? Then before I even got an answer out that. I didn't remember the exact date in March, he said, I believe, it was the 21st. I said, I will have to check. It was the next day that, when I -was in his office again that afternoon, talking about a press statement that he was going to put out, he said, I have gotten the confirmation now and I believe it, was the 21st. And he referred to it at that, time as my cancer on the Presidency statement. That is the way I led that off and that, is the, way I had referred to it and that is the' way he reefered to it. Senator GURNEY. Thank you, Mr. Dean. Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I have. no further questions. [01.06.16--MacNEILL] MacNEILL states that GURNEY has completed his questions about DEAN'S finances and DEAN'S meeting with Herbert KALMBACH to start the PAYOFFS. States that the debate over what is proper questioning is not finished, and the hearings will resume with more such debate. [01.06.40-PBS network ID-title screen "SENATE HEARINGS ON CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES"] [01.09.50-MacNEILL] MacNEILL states that Sam DASH and the Senators are offering opinions about the admissibility of testimony in court, and presumably about the relation of that standard to the committee's task [01.10.02]