Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, June 29, 1973 (1/2)

Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.59.25-BAKER interrogates DEAN about DEAN'S March 21, 1973 meeting with NIXON, BAKER trying to get an assessment of how NIXON reacted to the facts DEAN told him-at issue is whether this was NIXON'S first information on the WATERGATE COVERUP] Now, at any one of those points, which -were the principal points that were in my mind at that point there may have been varying degrees of elaboration on, but I cannot give the degree of elaboration at this point, but I can recall clearly the principal points I raised with him. Senator BAKER. The record should show -that you are testifying to, at my request, a general outline of the conversation and this is not meant to omit other detail or statements that have been included in your previous testimony. [01.00.03-BAKER wants to know about NIXON'S reaction to DEAN'S "CANCER ON THE PRESIDENCY" speech] I would like to reach the, point when you are, ready when you can tell us in whatever detail you can -what, the President said to You Or what questions he asked. You indicated, I believe., that toward the end, the President did ask some questions Mr. DEAN. Yes; he did. Senator BAKER. You do not have a perfect memory of that, but would you--- Mr. DEAN. The questions -were running along a tenor--there were not many--that indicated that the President still did not realize the implications of this matter, and the one that really stuck my mind is when he suggested to me that maybe some sort of presentation or briefing ought to be provided to the Cabinet. And I believe he also suggested that this be explained to the leadership, Senator BAKER. You mean to the congressional leadership? Mr. DEAN. Congressional leadership. [01.00.54] Senator BAKER. I understand that, there is a meeting With the congressional leadership, usually on Tuesday morning. Is this what the president apparently indicated? Mr. DEAN. I do not know what particular day he, -was referring to and I cannot, recall which day of the week the 21st was. I have not checked my calendar on that. Senator BAKER. Go ahead, Mr. Dean. [01.01.17] Mr. DEAN. It was after--another point that came up In the conversation because we, talked about this subsequently on the 23d when he called me. I told him that I did not, think all of the individuals involved would remain silent. I had very much in mind the matter of Mr. McCord. [01.01.41] Now, I would like to put something else that has Just occurred to me that I do not believe has come out in the question and answer with regard to Mr. McCord. Shortly before the sentencing, I had a call from Mr. Mitchell and he suggested that Mr. Caulfield get back in touch again with Mr. McCord. I called Mr. Caulfield and talked to him about it and he said, well, I think I had better talk to you. I said well, fine. He said, I -want to come to your office and see you. And he came into my office and he told me--he came In with a small diary that, he had found in his car, and he said that he had described one of the meetings that he had had with Mr. McCord. that he had driven into the Country with Mr. McCord and had a discussion with him. Just, shortly before this meeting in January--no; it was much later than January. Excuse me, it was in March that he was cleaning his car out and found this small diary, and apparently, it was Mr. McCord's. In -it was noted each meeting that he had had with Mr. Caulfield and others and all the subsequent events that he had done. It -was a daily diary and was up to the day that Mr. Caulfield had met with him. Now. Mr. Caulfield handed it to me and I handed it back to Mr. Caulfield. Now, Caulfield, and he said, I do not want this, and he tore it, up and put it; in his pocket. [01.03.17-DEAN suspects that McCORD will talk soon] It was based on Oat that I told Mr. Mitchell that I did not think that it was very wise that Mr. Caulfield and Mr. McCord meet further, because it was quite obvious to me, as it was to Mr. Caulfield that Mr. McCord was keeping a very accurate diary of all of his activities. Senator BAKER. Let us go back to your conversation with the President---- [01.03.40-TAPE OUT]