Capitol and Environs, Misc.
Year Shot:
1981  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
LM 021
03.10.55-WETA credit/sponsor credits/title sequence 03.11.47-PAUL DUKE in studio; on program: unfinished business in Congress, effort to curb power of FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, Federal DRUNK DRIVING legislation, Sen. JEREMIAH DENTON (D-Ala.). 03.12.14-Shot of CONGRESSMEN entering HOUSE chamber, Shot of TIP O'NEILL taking place on rostrum, gavelling house to order. Shot of Rep. SYLVIO CONTE arguing for quick passage of an appropriations bill. Shot of Rep. TED WEISS (D-NY), argues that REAGAN'S policies are "theater of the absurd". DUKE v.o.-REAGAN has vetoed a bill that would set caps on government spending for political reasons, to try to blame the BAD ECONOMY on CONGRESS. Shot of Rep. FLOYD FITHIAN (D-IN), says REAGAN wants to use the media to distract people from the country's true problems. Shots of other Congressmen in debate. 03.13.40-Shot of a congressman arguing that REAGAN won't spend money on AMERICANS, but will give billions to foreign governments and RIGHT-WING DICTATORSHIPS. Shot of TIP O'NEILL addressing HOUSE, asks whether the POOR and NEEDY have been hurt enough. Shot of Rep. ANTHONY MOFFETT (D-CT), says that aid for SCHOOL LUNCHES and PREGNANT WOMEN is being sacrificed to aid a DICTATOR in PAKISTAN. Shot of Rep. ROBERT MICHEL. Shots of other Congressmen in debate. 03.14.44-Shot of a REPUBLICAN, says that REAGAN'S ploy of playing "chicken" with CONGRESS on appropriations veto is shameful, it hurts all the government employees who are working at their jobs even though they aren't sure if they are going to get paychecks. Shot of Rep. JOHN ROUSSELOT (R-CA), says REAGAN was right to veto, blames the DEMOCRATS for trying to spend too much. Shot of Rep. BOB WALKER (R-PA), blames "liberals" for spending too much. 03.15.52-Shot of Rep. ED BETHUNE (R-Ark.), says that CONGRESS needs to fix its budget process. Shot of Rep. J.J. PICKLE (D-TX), agreeing that the process needs to be streamlined, Congress needs to have the discipline to get budgets passed. Shot of TIP O'NEILL walking off rostrum. DUKE v.o.-after debate, vote failed to overturn REAGAN'S veto of the appropriations bill. Shot of Rep. ROBERT MICHEL, says he expects CONGRESS to be more productive after the Thanksgiving holiday. 03.07.10-DUKE in studio; intro report on lobbying pressure by ANTI-DRUNK DRIVING groups, action in CONGRESS on DRUNK DRIVING LAWS. 03.17.58-Shot of BOB DOLE in SENATE COMMITTEE meeting, talks about DRUNK DRIVING DEATH statistics, need to make laws against it. Shots of SENATORS, witnesses telling stories about DRUNK DRIVERS killing loved ones. Shot of a Senator wearing a MADD button. Shot of Sen. CLAIBORNE PELL (D-RI), testifying to committee about his interest, having two aides killed by DRUNK DRIVERS. 03.20.22-Shot of Rep. MICHAEL BARNES, arguing that federal government should require states to increase DUI penalties, withhold highway funds from those that don't. DUKE v.o.-issue of STATES RIGHTS a concern. Shot of DOLE, arguing against compelling STATES to act, grounds of FEDERALISM. Shot of REAGAN ADMINISTRATION HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY administrator, arguing REAGAN line of decentralizing power. Shot of MARYLAND STATE TROOPERS testifying that most people don't understand how serious DRUNK DRIVING is. 03.22.26-DUKE-disc. of citizen pressure growing, push by CONGRESS to formulate a comprehensive plan to deal with DRUNK DRIVING.