Capitol and Environs, Misc.
Year Shot:
1981  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
LM 021A
03.10.49-WETA credit/Sponsor credits/title sequence 03.11.40-PAUL DUKE/COKIE ROBERTS/LINDA WERTHEIMER in studio-on Program: CONGRESS reacts to REAGAN'S veto of APPROPRIATIONS BILL, profiles of Reps. JAMIE WHITTEN (D-MS), SYLVIO CONTE (R-MA). DUKE-battle over budget now is one of Institutional "turf", established roles of CONGRESS and PRESIDENT. 03.12.44-Clip of REAGAN giving TV address from OVAL OFFICE (dated 9/24/81) on plan for "economic recovery". Shot of BUDGET COMMITTEE meeting. Shot of REAGAN walking to podium to speak to joint session of Congress, Shot of REAGAN speaking to group of SENATE REPUBLICANS, Shot of REAGAN speaking to CONGRESSIONAL LUNCHEON at WHITE HOUSE. DUKE v.o.-CONGRESS approved REAGAN'S first requests for BUDGET CUTS, but REAGAN had to drop "nice guy" tactics when CONGRESS resisted later cuts. 03.13.38-Shot of REAGAN speaking to press, explaining his VETO of the APPROPRIATIONS package. DUKE-VETO angered both DEMOCRATS and many REPUBLICANS-resentment of REAGAN trying to intrude on CONGRESS' prerogatives. Shots of CONGRESSMEN in debate. Shot of Rep. JAMIE WHITTEN (D-MS), arguing that budgets and spending are Legislative responsibilities, the Executive Branch has no right to dictate the budget to Congress. Shots of WHITTEN and SYLVIO CONTE (R-MA) debating funds for PUBLIC HEALTH HOSPITALS in a friendly manner. 03.15.10-WERTHEIMER in studio-intro report on JAMIE WHITTEN and SYLVIO CONTE, their working relationship, power of HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE. 03.15.52-Shot of Rep. CONTE, remarks that since he's a Yankee, he sometimes thinks he needs an interpreter to talk to WHITTEN. Shot of JAMIE WHITTEN in a rural MISSISSIPPI GUN SHOP, the owner gripes about the N.R.A.. Shot of WHITTEN on a main street of TUPELO. Shot of WHITTEN walking down hallway of Capitol. WERTHEIMER v.o.-narrates WHITTEN'S career in congress and rise to hold power over APPROPRIATIONS. Shot of Rep. TOM FOLEY, says his one rule was to never have an unneccessary argument with WHITTEN. Stills of WHITTEN in committee meetings. FOLEY calls WHITTEN "a permanent Secretary of Agriculture". 03.17.46-Shot of Carol Foreman, former assist. Sec. Of Agriculture, says WHITTEN is very knowledgeable about all appropriations bills. WHITTEN v.o.-knowledge is essential to persuasion. Shot of workers in WHITTEN'S offices, WERTHEIMER v.o. notes that WHITTEN'S office suite is locate about two steps from the HOUSE FLOOR. Shot of WHITTEN seated in armchair, says that he tries to have a moderate leadership style on the committee. WHITTEN-anyone who knows the subject has an advantage in politics. 03.19.31-Shot of WHITTEN entering committee meeting, WERTHEIMER v.o.-WHITTEN led the HOUSE element in joint meetings with SENATE to put together a funding package that REAGAN would not veto. Shots of the joint committee meeting. Shot of John Kramer, an agricultural consultant, praises WHITTEN'S work ethic and energy. Shot of WHITTEN, says "you don't run a committee, you preside over it," favors a loose style of chairmanship. 03.20.58-Shot of Rep. WHITTEN in well of House. WERTHEIMER v.o.-WHITTEN'S office produced an appropriations bill that he thought would satisfy REAGAN, but REAGAN vetoed it. WHITTEN addresses HOUSE, urging CONGRESS to vote to override the VETO, calls for bipartisan support. Shot of WHITTEN seated in armchair, says he's disturbed, that Congress can't be forced to give in to REAGAN. 03.22.43--Series of Stills from WHITTEN'S Congressional career. Shot of Rep. FOLEY in office, says WHITTEN'S a transition from old autocratic committee chairmen to new style. WHITTEN in armchair, says he was always a political realist, he's adjusted to changing conditions, he's supposed to represent the People as they are, can't go back to days of Sam Rayburn.