Horse Parade at the Pan-American Exposition

Horse Parade at the Pan-American Exposition
Clip: 493568_1_1
Year Shot: 1901 (Actual Year)
Audio: No
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1151
Original Film: H10087
Location: Buffalo, NY, USA
Timecode: 00:29:57 - 00:32:23

Prize-winning horses at the Pan-American Exposition parade on the "Esplanade". Shot of the paved street with spectators along the curb waiting; Electric Tower and other exposition buildings in BG; lt's been raining - -there are a lot of puddles on the street. (Actually the heavy rains during the Pan Am Expo wreaked unforeseen havoc on the plaster facades of the temporary buildings!) A band in uniform marches past; and following that are many show horses of various types - -Kentucky thoroughbreds to Canadian draft horses- - from all over North America; the horses are led by their handlers.