"Eskimo Village" at Pan Am Exposition 1901

"Eskimo Village" at Pan Am Exposition 1901
Clip: 493583_1_1
Year Shot: 1901 (Actual Year)
Audio: No
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1151
Original Film: H7327
Location: Buffalo, NY, USA
Timecode: 00:50:46 - 00:51:37

"The Esquimaux Village LS low structure which looks like it is made of snow/ice (supposed to resemble an igloo) beside a small pool, and an ice floe. 4 dogs pull a small dog sled with a person riding on it alongside the pool and into the 'igloo'. Several Eskimos dressed in outfits that look like jogging suits run to and fro alongside the pool. Next, some sled dogs are led in front of the camera.