Coal Strike Over - New Contact Ends Nine-Month Walkout.

Coal Strike Over - New Contact Ends Nine-Month Walkout.
Clip: 498444_1_1
Year Shot: 1950 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1541
Original Film: 023-332-01
Location: North Amercia, USA
Timecode: 00:52:06 - 00:53:01

Coal Strike Over. New Contact Ends Nine-Month Walkout The United Mine Workers of America which was formed in 1890 ends a nine month walkout strike. The miners petitioned for; Death Benefits, Health & Welfare and Wage Agreements. Good news for the U.S. is the ending of the serious coal strike. John L. Lewis and the mine operators sign a new contract in Washington that sends the miners back to the pits after a nine-month crisis that threatened our national economy. MS of the union leaders, John L. Lewis signing new contracts ending the nine month walk- out for the miners. MS of coal miners going back to work. CU shots of two smiling miners. MS of the trains that take the miners down into the mineshafts. CU shot of coal coming out of the mine. Last shot MS of trains in a train yard smoke coming out of the trains.