D-Day Invasion

England / France
Year Shot:
1944  (Actual Year)
02:19:24 - 02:22:13
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Master 1495 - Tape 2 Map of Northern France, English Channel and Southern England with French cities of Calais, Dieppe, Le Havre, Cherbourg, and Brest marked. LS explosions in field. Rear view TLS U.S. APC (armored personnel carrier) driving through wide-open field. Rear view TLS U.S. APC and M4 Sherman tank driving through coastal village; great head-on TLS M4 Sherman tank driving through village. Panning TLS APC (looks amphibious) towing trailer. Sideview TLS U.S. Military Police (MP) Corporal directing armored battalion of light tanks. TLS military lorries driving along dock, passing cam. TLSs military truck backing onto T-453 landing craft; MS tires backing through shallow pool of water. TLSs APC and amphibious vehicles backing onto carrier craft. Rear view MS U.S. Army soldiers marching onto carrier. TLS/MSs U.S. soldiers boarding pontoon landing crafts (LC). High angle TLS LC loaded with soldiers sailing off. H/a TLS landing craft loaded with soldiers. H/a MSs soldiers on LC roped to naval ship. MSs soldiers using ropes to board ship from LC. MS U.S. Navy sailors helping U.S. soldiers board. Brief MSs soldiers playing craps (dice) on deck -- note the presence of at least two MPs. MS Army officer peering through deck sights. L/a TLS soldiers alighting boat to LC using ropes. H/a LC being lowered into water. LS/TLSs LCs sailing, embarking for shore. WLS/LS/TLSs naval salvo, providing cover barrage fire for landing soldiers; naval deck artillery fire. LSs LCs sailing for shore. LSs Allied soldiers storming beachhead. Great head-on TLS U.S. Army soldiers storming beach, running toward camera. Panning TLS soldiers running with M1 Garand rifles, hitting the dirt. Panning MS soldier running with Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR 1918A2) with bipod, falling into foxhole. Panning MS soldier running with light (short round) bazooka, hitting dirt. Nice MS ground explosion, dirt flying everywhere. TLSs LCs providing cover fire for landing troops. LS Allied troops landing on beach marked by steel barricades. MS soldiers carrying wounded on stretcher along rocky shore. MS U.S. soldiers sitting huddled on beach. RV TLS British or Canadian soldiers boarding LC. RV MS Brit or Canadian soldiers filing off LC during invasion. Great MS American soldiers with heads bowed solemnly. TLS/MSs 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles) paratroopers marching past camera at base during pre-invasion preparations.