Horse Herd, Cowboys

United States
Year Shot:
1920  (Estimated Year)
01:30:47 - 01:36:25
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Master 1825 - Tape 1 LS American Quarter horse herd grazing in semi-arid pasture, American Southwest. MSs buckish colt. Panning TLS colt & horse racing in field. LSs cowboys riding horses over ridge, then down into dusty valley, spooking the herd. TLS horse herd being rustled through gate, into ranch. TLSs cowboys riding horses through herded horses in corral. TLS cowboy wrestling colt to ground; MSs cowboy soothing, petting wrestled colt; colt is inoculated, released. MS colt rejoining spotted mare in corral. TLS horse herd leaving ranch, walking through gate. Nice TLS/MSs horse standing on rock ledge overlooking horse herd in valley. LS cowboys on horseback wrangling horse herd. MS horse bucking in corral. MS/TLSs colt bucking in corral, trying to release lasso around snout; TLS/MSs cowboy struggling w/ rakish colt. Nice low angle TLS horse herd walking past cam. TLS colt & mare in corral, horses passing in FG. MS two American Quarter horse colts in pasture. MCU three horses grazing. MS horse grazing, colt laying in grass, then standing up. TLS/LSs horses grazing. MS/CUs horses grazing. Tilting TLS horse herd running from dusty corral on ranch. Panning TLS horse herd kicking up dust, entering corral. MS/TLSs horses drinking water from trough. TLSs colt bucking, kicking, running around mare, then nursing. Panning TLS horses exiting stable barn; rear view TLS horses exiting stable. TLS/MSs horses grazing. MS mare nursing colt outside barn. Panning TLS horse herd running through pasture. MS white man warming, heating up branding iron over fire at ranch. TLS ranch hand branding haunches of American Quarter horse. MS branding. TLSs horse herd grazing in grassy pasture.