Speeches of Eisenhower

Washington, DC, United States
Year Shot:
1960  (Actual Year)
00:46:13 - 00:47:47
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Speeches of Eisenhower. (Ike, Dwight Eisenhower, Dwight David Eisenhower) Excerpts from President's News Conference TLS/MSs U.S. President DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER speaking informally at White House press conference, pronouncing his support for Richard Nixon in the impending Presidential race. Merriman Smith, United Press International. Mr. President, for the benefit of some of us who were not present at a dinner you attended Saturday night, we understand that you made some remarks that were regarded as quite politically significant concerning the Vice President, and we wonder, sir, if you can reconstruct those remarks for us today? Eisenhower. First of all, I believe at this meeting, it says, no reporters are ever present. I'm certain that no guest would be guilty of talking about something in the public domain that should have been in the social domain. But as long as it's out by some mysterious way, I don't mind clarifying what I had to say, or at least what I thought; what I had to say could not possibly be reconstructed because I was talking about the geographical areas in which certain people were sitting at a party. But if anyone is wondering whether I have any personal preference or even bias with respect to this upcoming presidential race, the answer is yes, very definitely. [Laughter] William H. Y. Knighton, Jr., Baltimore Sun: Mr. President, in answer to Mr. Smith's question, you used the word "bias." Were you also speaking there of Mr. Nixon? Eisenhower. Was there any doubt in your mind? (laughter)