Lee Harvey Oswald Grave

Lee Harvey Oswald Grave
Clip: 511515_1_1
Year Shot: 1975 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: Color
Tape Master: 1929
Original Film: COOPER UNID 2
Location: Ft. Worth, Texas, United States
Timecode: 01:57:00 - 01:57:30

MS/CUs grave and grave marker of Lee Harvey Oswald at Rose Hill Memorial Park in Ft. Worth, Texas. Brief MS Kennedy conspiracy author MICHAEL EDDOWES (Michael H. B. Eddowes) speaking to off-screen reporter about exhuming Oswald's body in order to disprove his (ultimately crackpot) body switching theory-- the body of LHO was swapped with that of a look-alike Soviet agent. JFK assassination conspiracy hoopla.