London Landmarks

London, England
Year Shot:
1965  (Estimated Year)
01:26:13 - 01:29:05
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Master 1805 - Tape 1 LS Tower Bridge across the River Thames, pan to pedestrians and vehicular traffic moving across bridge where shots are taken from. Tracking shot of the Tower of London. POVs driving through London. POV driving toward the Temple Bar Memorial in front of the Royal Courts of Justice. CU of pigeon seated on top of head of the Charles James Napier statue in Trafalgar Square. GV Charles James Napier statue and Nelson's Column, pan to GV of fountain with St Martin-in-the-Fields in the background, pedestrians walk the square. GV Trafalgar Square with fountain, pedestrians and the National Gallery in the background, red double-decker busses pass in front of the National Gallery. GV Trafalgar Square with pedestrians, pigeons, fountain and lion statue, in the background St Martin's-in-the-Fields church and South Africa House are seen. LS view of street with Big Ben ahead. MS pan down facade of north entrance to the Westminster Abbey. MS sign reading 'Abbey exhibitions open...' Interior GVs of the Abbey. Interior MS pan up north entrance wall of Abbey showing the stain glass windows. GV exterior of 10 Downing Street. GV officer standing in front of entrance to 10 Downing street. CU 10 on door, pan down to knocker with mail slot reading 'First Lord of the Treasury'. CU stone plaque at the St. Alphage 'Old Roman City Wall', pan to glass and steel high-rise behind the ancient wall. GV equestrian statue with 'Wellington' inscribed on the pedestal. GV pan exterior wall of the Tower of London. CU arched entrance with sign reading 'Middle Tower A.D 1280 Rebuilt 1717'. Low angle MS pan of stone wall exterior, windows and gate of the Tower of London Battlements. GV tall ship docked in River Thames, pan to bridge. POV from boat going under bridge. Tracking shot along the river with St. Paul's Cathedral under going restoration. GV Tower of London from River Thames. GV Houses of Parliament from River Thames.