Western Migration Historical Recreation

United States
Year Shot:
1954  (Estimated Year)
22:11:50 - 22:15:53
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Tape 21 - Part 2 Elevated LS of wagon train swiftly moving along a dusty trail, men on horses (bandits) harass and intimidate the train by shooting guns into the air. Stationary low angle MS looking up at covered wagons passing, clouds of dust are kicked up as they pass. Head on MS of pioneer/frontier man and woman riding at the head of a covered wagon, man hollers a command to the horses as he strikes them with a whip. MS pioneer couple at head of wagon, man cracks the whip and yells commands, woman points to something in the distance. TLS wagon train moving at a slow pace along a dusty semi-arid landscape, sage brush dots the trail. Low angle CU of wagon wheel passing camera. Elevated LS of wagon train kicking up dust as it moves along a desolate landscape. MS pioneer people moving in a large group, some ride in horse-drawn wagons, some ride horseback while other jog on foot. Slightly elevated TLS a large group of pioneer men and woman walking toward camera, man in lead rides horseback. Slightly low angle pan of man riding a Penny Farthing across landscape of short grasses. Stationary waist high MS of horse-drawn wagons and pedestrian pioneer people moving past camera. Slightly elevated MS of pioneer people on the move, some ride in wagons, some are on foot, others ride horses. TLS western town with a crude wooden building in the foreground, in the distance a small group of pioneer men are seen running toward the camera, they are being chased by a cattle stampede, men and cattle pass the camera.