Hollywood Hills - Real Estate

Hollywood Hills - Real Estate
Clip: 524302_1_1
Year Shot: 1960 (Estimated Year)
Audio: No
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1818
Original Film: HFR-DFL-16-124
Location: Los Angeles, California
Timecode: 01:19:16 - 01:22:13

Master 1818 - Tape 1 LS ranch style office building of Ramsey-Shilling Co. real estate. Low angle GV looking up at a sign on top of building reading 'Bingham Reality Co', a palm tree is also in the shot. MS sign reading 'Spencer Matthews Reality.' MS sign reading 'Henschel Meyer Real Estate.' MS real estate advertisement sign. TLS modest residential/suburban community in the Hollywood Hills area. LS ranch style brick home. LS raised ranch style home with manicured lawn and modest landscaping. LS new home under construction. TLS construction workers building a house. MS profile of shirtless worker hammering. MS profile of a young shirtless worker using a tape measure. LS suburban neighborhood with a car parked on the street. LS cute single level home with a 'For Sale' sign on the front lawn. MS realtor sign. MS sign on lawn reading 'Griffith Park Reality - For Sale- Sold.' MS sign posted on short wooden fence reading 'For Sale By Owner.' MS sign reading 'For Sale - M.L. Vaughan Reality Co.' Low angle MS looking up at sign for the 'Fuller Apts', advertising vacancy. CU sign at apartment complex advertising furnished and unfurnished apartments. MS sign on short lamp post reading 'Apartment For Rent.' MS billboard style advertisement promoting commercial real estate in a new mini-mall style shopping complex. MS sign reading 'Choice Stores Now Leasing on This Site.' Low angle MS looking up at sign reading 'Prestige Lots Offered at Public Auction.' GV bulletin board posting the auction bidder's information. CU detail posted on the bidder's info explaining terms and conditions. MS plot/lot map showing potential real estate. Aerial flyby over residential community in the Hollywood Hills. Aerial flyby over construction site, small landscape trees have recently been planted.