Speeches of Eisenhower

Speeches of Eisenhower
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Year Shot: 1960 (Actual Year)
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Location: Washington, DC, United States
Timecode: 00:47:58 - 00:49:44

Speeches of Eisenhower. (Ike, Dwight Eisenhower, Dwight David Eisenhower) Excerpts from President's News Conference Universal Newsreel. TLS/MSs U.S. President DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER speaking about the Francis Powers spy case at White House press conference. "No one wants another Pearl Harbor. This means that we must have knowledge of military forces and preparations around the world, especially those capable of massive surprise attacks. Secrecy in the Soviet Union makes this essential. In most of the world no large-scale attack could be prepared in secret, but in the Soviet Union there is a fetish of secrecy and concealment. This is a major cause of international tension and uneasiness today. Our deterrent must never be placed in jeopardy. The safety of the whole free world demands this." edit "We prefer and work for a different kind of world, and a different way of obtaining the information essential to confidence and effective deterrents. Open societies, in the day of present weapons, are the only answer. This was the reason for my "open skies" proposal in 1955, which I was ready instantly to put into effect, to permit aerial observation over the United States and the Soviet Union which would assure that no surprise attack was being prepared against anyone. I shall bring up the open skies proposal again at Paris, since it is a means of ending concealment and suspicion."