Eiffel Tower

Paris, France
Year Shot:
1950  (Estimated Year)
08:02:47 - 08:08:09
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Color footage of Paris--touristy, some dirty, some home-movie look. Eiffel Tower and more. Looks late 1940s or early 1950s. LS Eiffel Tower in spring - flowers blooming, cyclists in park. CU-MS pan and tilt up to top of tower. Shot from elevator in Eiffel tower looking down to streets - nice. LS Tower on gray cloudy day. No people. Close shot under the tower with pedestrians and traffic. Tilt up to top of tower. LS Eiffel tower in spring. Eiffel tower on gray cloudy days. Base of tower - tilt up to top. LS top of tower, tilt down. LS Tower with another building in f/g. MS lower part of tower. MS around base of tower. People gathered. Extreme canted angle shot from base of tower looking up. MS Looking squarely at base of tower. LS top of tower shrouded in fog. CU details of the decorative work on parts of the tower structure. MS base of tower - 3 servicemen walk by - tilt up from base of tower. LS tilt down from top of tower - afternoon light. Shots from elevator. Nice overhead shot of sculpted greens and streets of Paris from the top of tower. MS tourists looking through telescopes at top of tower. More shots from elevator. Seine River from the tower. Ext. shot of the elevator. Canted angle of the tower from below. MS through the base of the tower.