Edgewater Clean Up

Cleveland, Ohio
Year Shot:
1972  (Actual Year)
01:06:53 - 01:08:10
Tape Master:
Original Film:
WPA 517
A huge rock festival has occurred in Cleveland, Ohio; this footage captures the festival and the clean up that follows. Segment begins with people cleaning up the trash that remains in the park after the concert. The place is an absolute mess. Large amounts of garbage has been left on the lawn. Men and women carry garbage bags and fill them up. More shots of the insane amounts of trash and the clean up effort. Closer shot of two individuals bending down to grab trash. Focus on an interesting male character as he stakes the garbage with a stick. The view is from his backside. He has an extremely large afro, he is shirtless and he has two garbage bags attached to his pants. When he walks, the garbage bags move with him so it appears that he has giant balloon legs. Shots of people shoveling garbage into bags. Shot of people carrying full bags to a pile. Now for scenes of the actual rock festival.... Camera pans large crowd gathered on the lawn. People are waving and having a good time. Closer shot of the crowd. People are sitting on blankets while others mill about. One girl seated on blanket makes the peace sign with her hand. Good CU of three people dancing in the middle of the seated crowd. They are the hippie type and wear classic 70's clothing. The guy wears overalls minus the shirt, one girl has a short mini dress and long blonde hair, other girl wears a halter top. Now for the entertainment. A wonderful, or maybe its terrible, shot of a hair-metal rock band performing in true rock star glory. The camera is set up on stage to give a profile view. There is fringe, there is spandex and there is long stringy hair. Classic. CU of long hair drummer playing his heart out. Back to more shots of the clean up effort.... A harmless fight of garbage breaks out. Trash is flying through the air. Shot of police on horseback galloping through the park. People run out of the way of the horses. Shot of man being arrested. Police escort him with his hands handcuffed behind his back. Shot of young hippie guy having his foot checked out by someone from first aid.