Year Shot:
1973  (Actual Year)
00:12:42 - 00:13:39
Tape Master:
Original Film:
WPA 533
preview cassette #97559 B People are being granted United States citizenship. Segment begins with view of a large group of men and women standing up with their right hands raised. They are taking the oath. CU of man in the crowd. CU of items sitting in the lap of one of the new citizens. Hands are resting on a small blue book with the title "Welcome to U.S.A. Citizenship". A small American flag peeks out of the top of the book. An African-American male reporter interviews a few of the new citizens. First he interviews a woman from Jamaica. Reporter asks her how she feels about becoming an American citizen. She responds by saying that she is very happy. She has been waiting a long time. MS of a Caucasian couple. The man states that freedom is the most important thing. The woman states that they love it here and they are happy to become citizens. CU of an Asian woman wearing circular framed glasses. She states, "It's really great to be here". Reporter from off screen asks her what is so great about America. The woman states, "Everything. There is not one point, everything is great". Interview with a second couple. The woman states that she likes being an American citizen because it's a free country. CU of a woman from Belgium. She states that it is the greatest day for her, she is very happy. She ends by saying "God Bless America".