Poles In Arctic: Satellites Share Red Science Boom

The Arctic
Year Shot:
1958  (Actual Year)
00:34:54 - 00:36:12
Tape Master:
Original Film:
A polish expedition sets up camp in Spitzbergen, scant hundreds of miles from the North Pole, in a new scientific venture that highlights the breadth of the post-sputnik scientific drive behind the iron curtain. Sleds are loaded with supplies and equipment and they are being pulled by men on the frozen landscape of the Arctic. CUS - Men with climbing gear and poles trek their way up on the frozen landscape. MS - One of the Polish men from the expedition is walking over ice boulders while he carries his skis on his shoulders. MCU - Two of the Polish expedition are pulling a supply together as they jumped over a small carves. MS - Three of the men are on a supply sled as it travels down a steep hill. MS - Tents are set up in the mist of this snow covered terrain. MS - A lone sea-gull flies down into the camp and he is being fed by one of the guys. MCUS - Two of the men looking at rock samples. MS - Nighttime approaches in the camp and there is one light on in one of the tents some of the men go in. Their sitting around drinking coffee, one is peeling an apple and the other one is trying to get some reception on a portable radio. MS - One guy it tucked in for the evening he puts down a book, and looking at the tent from the outside he blows out his candle and calls it a night.