Happy Birthday! Universal Pictures

Hollywood, California, USA
Year Shot:
1962  (Actual Year)
00:36:19 - 00:40:58
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Happy Birthday! Universal Pictures The oldest motion picture company in the world, Universal Pictures, marks its Fiftieth Anniversary (50th) with a nostalgic glance at the past and an ambitious look at the future. Universal 3 tiered birthday cake. Footage of Thomas Edison standing in room. Illustration of woman viewing kinetoscope. A flip book of still pictures that form a moving picture when flipped quickly, image is a scantily clad woman wearing only a bra (brazier) and panties exercising. A scale-model of Edison's Black Maria, the first movie studio. Poster of Charlie Chaplin in the film "Dumb Waiter" and "The Absent Minded Janitor". Poster "Bill Hart's Best - You'll Like It!" Coin being placed in machine. William S. Hart - clips from cowboy film. Great footage of Kinetoscope, interior, showing the inner workings of images being flipped. Man smiling as he looks into kinetoscope. Clip from the film "Hiawatha". Behind the scenes, shots of movie production. Charles Bickford with lion and an outtake of the lion biting his ear. CU film camera during shooting. Aerial view of Universal Studios. Will Hayes presents award, Cecil B. Demille, Mary Pickford and Will Rogers are also present for the celebration. Overview of banquet tables. Studio heads De Mille and Jessie Lasky ?. Mea Robson? Binnie Barnes. Carole Lombard, William Powell, and Clark Gable are all on hand for a film premiere. Jack Oakey. Jack L. Warner. Marquees for "Spartacus," "Back Street," John Gavin, Anna May Wong. "Flower Drum Song," posters, and stars from film Nancy Kwan, James Shigeta and Miyoshi Umeki. "Come September," "The Pajama Game," and "Lover, Come Back." Doris Day getting out of car, Tony Randall, John Saxon, Ross Hunter, Lana Turner, Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin all arrive for premieres. Rock Hudson is honored at a German festival as outstanding. box-office favorite. Cary Grant smiles into camera, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Kirk Douglas, and Princess Margaret attend Spartacus film premiere in London. Spartacus poster. British Police (bobbies) in London holding back fans. Cary Grant helps cut birthday cake.