Yesterday's Big Story - The Yalta Conference

Yalta, Crimea, Soviet Union and United States
Year Shot:
1945  (Actual Year)
00:04:18 - 00:06:44
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Terms for Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender were set at the historic Yalta Conference in February of 1945. This was to be the last page of history written by the wartime president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. He made a report to congress on the meeting, obviously a very sick man. Six weeks later he died at Warm Springs, Georgia. Includes footage of Roosevelt's and Churchill's daughters attending the conference as aides. Roosevelt speaks of his polio. Roosevelt's last public appearance. Quote of "no repite... until unconditional surrender" Yalta, Crimea, Soviet Union A MCUS of Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius Jr. and his British and Russian counterparts. MCUS - Winston Churchill disembarking from a plane. MCUS - President Franklin D. Roosevelt and unknown Russian Diplomat. (It could be Molotov) CUS - Roosevelt's daughter - Anna and Churchill's daughter. - Mary. Outside shots - Former Imperial Palace at Livadia, Yalta of Czar Nicholas. CUS - Gary Hopkins and Sir Anthony Eden. CUS - Prim Minister, Marshal Joseph Stalin. MCUS - The big three plus other diplomats sitting out at a large round table. MCUS - Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Marshall Joseph Stalin. Washington, DC MS - Joint session of congress upon the return of President Roosevelt. President Franklin Roosevelt addresses Congress sitting down: "Mr. Speaker and members of the Congress. I do hope you pardon me for an unusual posture of sitting down, in a presentation of what I want to say. I know that you all realize that it makes it easier for me, in not having to carry about 10-pounds of steel around on the bottom of my legs and also because of the fact that I have just completed a 1,400-thousand mile trip." (Congress applause the President). "There will be no respite to these attacks. We will not resist for one moment until unconditional surrender."