Yesterday's Big Story - D Day

Year Shot:
1944  (Actual Year)
00:03:57 - 00:06:11
Tape Master:
Original Film:
June 6, 1944 and the greatest armada in military history is assembled in England for an assault on Hitler's Fortress Europe. For this long awaited D-Day the Allies have assembled 12,000 planes to protect a surface force of 4,000 ships. Supreme Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower has nearly 3,000,000 men trained for the assault. Combat cameramen made a great pictorial record of this day - a day that changed the course of history. A myriad of soldiers that are on their way to a transport ship. MS - A line of military ambulances. MS - A row of army tanks. MS - An air field full of different types of fighting planes and bombers. MCUS - General Eisenhower and General Montgomery looking over battle plans. Armada of military battleships and transport ships. Aerial shot - British and American bombers bombing Germany. Aerial shot. Bombs exploding leaving a trail of smoke and fire. Looking up - A formation of military planes in the sky. MCUS - Paratroopers jumping out of a plane, US 101st and the British 6th, dropping out of the sky's over Normandy. Looking up - Sky filled with paratroopers and planes. MS - Battleship firing its cannon. MCUS - Military troops climbing rope ladders into a duck or transport boat that will take them to the shores of Normandy. MS - Battleship firing its canon at the German troops in Normandy. CUS - Troops huddled in one of the army ducts on their way to Normandy beach. MS - Troops landing on Normandy beach. CUS - Medics carrying a wounded soldier. CUS - A bare chested soldier standing at the bottom of a cliff on the beach. Aerial shot - The military ships and the ducts on Normandy beach. MCUS - General Eisenhower shaking hands with an German officer under surrender. MS - German soldiers with their hands up in the air surrendering. MS - Wounded soldiers transported by army jeep. MCUS - German troops under surrender.