Boston Riot (Roxbury Ghetto)

Boston Riot (Roxbury Ghetto)
Clip: 425939_1_1
Year Shot: 1967 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1761
Original Film: 040-046-03
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Timecode: 00:39:09 - 00:39:57

Negros riot in Boston's Roxbury ghetto-section. Three nights of violence includes smashing, burning and looting of stores. Mobs throw rocks and bottles at police; a rooftop sniper wounds a fireman. An emergency meeting is called with Negro leaders. Alleged dissatisfaction with the welfare system in Boston has the recipients up in arms, they got together in front of an unidentified building protesting eventually leading to riots and destruction of businesses. MS - Lots of people traffic on the street's of Boston, fire truck with its fire hoses extended. MS - Two women walking pass a gutted liquor store, smiling. The business is in shambles. MS - A squad car patrolling and you see the aftermath as a result of the riot's, burned out liquor store. MS - Nighttime, a building engulfed in flames. MS - A silhouette of the fire truck and the flames shooting out of the burning building. Firemen fighting the flames of the building. MS - Police arrested a male protester and have taken him into custody. MS - Nighttime, street's are loaded with protesters, firemen and police.