The Wall Opens: East Germans Visit West After 3 Years

The Wall Opens: East Germans Visit West After 3 Years
Clip: 426448_1_1
Year Shot: 1964 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1730
Original Film: 037-090-01
Location: Berlin, Germany
Timecode: 00:06:22 - 00:08:23

Fog-shrouded Berlin is a bright place as the Wall of Shame is opened for visits from both the West and the East. Thousands wait at the barrier in West Berlin, the vanguard of 120,000 who visit in East Berlin in four days. Meanwhile, the East German Communists have allowed the elderly and the ill to visit in West Germany. Significantly, no able-bodied workers were allowed to visit in the Free World - The Reds can't afford to have them defect. Fog shrouded Berlin appearing extremely ominous. A crowd of people some with their children waiting for the gates to be open to West Germany. In the darkness of the early morning with fog hanging over the city the crowd moves towards the open gates. The crowd of East Germans walking in West Germany to visit family and friends. Throngs waiting on train station platform, train makes a stop. Adults hugging their parents, sisters with their arms around each other. Mother pushing a child in a stroller and another little girl by her side. Older married couple walking, husband needs the aide of a cane and the wife is carrying a suit case. Boarded up buildings.