Assassin Killed: President's Slayer Shot In Dallas Jail

Assassin Killed: President's Slayer Shot In Dallas Jail
Clip: 429097_1_1
Year Shot: 1963 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: B/W
Tape Master: 1717
Original Film: 036-097-01
Location: Dallas, Texas
Timecode: 00:00:22 - 00:01:24

Madness and hate erupt anew in Dallas as President Kennedy's accused assassin is shot down during a jail transfer. Here is the record as Lee Harvey Oswald walks his last mile. Two cameras record the moment as the murderer moves in. Forty-eight hours and seven minutes after the President's death, his accused slayer is dead. Dallas, Texas Jail transfer taking place where Lee Harvey Oswald is being led away by law enforcement officials. MCU - The rife allegedly used by Oswald. MS - An armored truck is backing in to the jail building. MS - Oswald being led down the hall lined with news paper men on each side of the hall. MCUS - A shot rings out and Oswald goes down. MCUS - The framed is replayed frame by frame and there you see Jack Ruby move in and shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. MS - Ambulance rushing in to take Lee Harvey Oswald to the same hospital that cared for President Kennedy. 48 hours and 7 minutes after President Kennedy's death, Lee Harvey Oswald is pronounced dead.